Putin calls on the US to negotiate with him and lift sanctions

TASS news agency reports that the Russian President Vladimir Putin during a plenary session of the investment forum "Russia calling !" organized by the VTB Capital group, stated that it is necessary to abandon the policy of unilateral sanctions and look for what Russia and the US can agree on.

“What advice can be offered here? To abandon this policy [of sanctions] and seek common ground. We are ready for that; we want that. I said this more than once. I hope that, if we can talk with the US president in Argentina, we will discuss that too," he responded when asked how relations between Russia and the US could be improved.

Putin believes that “politically motivated restrictions” are harmful, including those who created them.

According to estimates by experts at Bloomberg, sanctions against the Russian Federation have caused the country's economy to lose additional 6%.

Earlier it was reported that the US to proceed with the second set of sanctions against Russia. New restrictions, in particular, will affect the Russian banking sector, which may be cut off from dollar transactions and the Russian national debt. It is also proposed to recognize Russia as a "country sponsoring terrorism".

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