President of Slovakia: Nord Stream 2 is a purely political project

The President of Slovakia, Andrei Kiska, at a joint briefing with the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, announced that Nord Stream 2 is a purely political project, reports "112 Ukraine".

"Slovakia has always emphasized that this is not economic, but a political project, and it is very important to understand this when someone constantly repeats that this is only a business project. Absolutely not! This is a purely political project," said Kiska.

In turn, Petro Poroshenko added that today the parties "held talks to coordinate efforts to prevent the construction of the politically motivated Russian project" Nord Stream-2.

Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic countries are actively opposing the Nord Stream 2. They call on the European Union to block this project, stating that it is a “gas needle”, which increases Europe’s dependence on energy supplies from Russia.

Nord Stream 2 has received full sets of permits for the construction and operation of a gas pipeline in Germany, Finland and Sweden. In August, British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt called on the EU to join the U.S. sanctions against Russia and block the Nord Stream 2, which "undermines the EU’s energy policy." In his opinion, it would be cheaper to invest in the modernization of the Ukrainian gas transport system.

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