President of Belarus Lukashenko no longer calls Russia a brother state 

During a meeting on the current state of cooperation with Russia, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said that he will not call Russia a brother state, because relations between the countries have started to be perceived differently. 

“I no longer talk about a brother state, because, as I am informed, this is not perceived in Russia. Apparently new people have come, to whom this concept is unacceptable. So, we will be partners,” Lukashenko said, as cited by the official Belarusian presidential website. 

“We have always emphasized the significance of this cooperation. The multifaceted nature of our relations has serious significance not only for Belarus, but also for Russia. They are built on a systematic and, most importantly, a planned basis,” he added. 

Lukashenko observed that the decisions have already been made on everything concerning the agreements with Russia in the Union State and in general with respect to relations. 

“Both in the Supreme State Council, and in the union Council of Ministers and in the bilateral format, many agreements have been signed. Unfortunately, as I often say, they are not always fulfilled,” the Belarusian president emphasized. 

He pointed out that half a year ago, the Supreme State Council confirmed the high-priority directions and primary development tasks of the Union State for the next five years. 

“There is an action program. We prepared it for a long time, set apart every issue, agreed and spelled out everything that we are capable of and, first and foremost, everything that the Russian Federation is capable of. In the preparation, at those times, most of our proposals for closer integration were not supported,” Lukashenko remarked. 

Recently Lukashenko held a secret meeting on “Russian pressure” on Belarus’s independence.


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