Poroshenko calls Ukrainian Army one of the best in Europe

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko stated in a Twitter post that the Ukrainian Army has developed into one of the most effective force in Europe.

“Over the last four years we did not just revive the Army—we’ve turned around the UAF [the Ukrainian Armed Forces], transforming it into one of the most effective armies in Europe,” Poroshenko’s statement reads. The President noted this was confirmed by the fact that Ukrainian paratroopers recently took part in a special course for SWAT counterassault tactics in Poland where they scored high results.

In early March, NATO granted Ukraine the status of a candidate country. On March 10, Poroshenko wrote a letter to NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg requesting to be provided with a roadmap for Ukraine to follow to earn membership to the Alliance. Poroshenko noted that Kyiv planned to hold a meeting at a NATO Summit to discuss reforms in the Ukrainian Army and the steps taken to counter Russian aggression. 

  Poroshenko, Ukrainian Army