Ukrainian Defense Minister: 65 NATO advisors work in Ukrainian Defense Ministry

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense appreciates NATO’s aid in reforming the country’s defensive capabilities, Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak said on his Facebook page.

“Our collaboration with the alliance in the last three years has acquired a broad scale in virtually all areas. Military and political dialogue has grown significantly, and the Ukraine-NATO commission operates regularly. We experience very good help in matters related to the reformation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” he wrote.

The minister added that in total, 65 NATO advisors are active in Ukraine’s defense department, and according to Poltorak, they all “provide comprehensive aid,” he wrote.

In addition, Poltorak pointed out the importance of the comprehensive assistance package, which was approved in 2016 at the Alliance’s session in Poland. He emphasized the significance of multinational training exercises. In the minister’s assessment, they “speed up the compatibility of Ukrainian armed forces with NATO’s forces”.

  Stepan Poltorak, NATO advisors, Ukrainian Ministry of Defense