Polish President: Poland has sent to Ukraine more than 240 tanks and about 100 armored vehicles

Poland has sent more than 240 tanks and about 100 armored vehicles to Ukraine to fight the Russian troops, said Polish President Duda in an interview with the German newspaper Bild.

According to him, at the moment Ukraine needs heavy weapons, including tanks.

"I spoke with President Zelensky two days ago. He asked me again. We have sent tanks, more than 240 tanks that Ukraine can maintain. We have sent almost 100 armored vehicles and weapons, ammunition, missiles. We have sent a total of $2 billion worth of weapons," the Polish President said.

Duda noted that Poland expected to receive a certain number of Leopard tanks from Germany to replenish its stock, but this has not yet happened.

"For us, it goes without saying that instead of the old Soviet tanks that we delivered to Ukraine, we get several Leopard tanks from Germany, not the most modern ones. Because Poland has older versions of the Leopard tanks. We wanted to replenish this stock a little. We could get older ones and modernize them in the future – also with the help of German industry. As far as I know, we got nothing yet," he said.

The Polish President called on other countries to help Ukraine with weapons, namely artillery, which is necessary to push the Russian troops out of Ukraine.

Duda also urged world leaders not to waste time talking with Vladimir Putin.

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