Polish President expresses hope for the permanent presence of the US military in the country

Speaking at the parade on the occasion of the Armed Forces Day, Polish President Andrzej Duda expressed hope for the permanent presence of the US military forces in his country.

According to Duda, Poland fears a new aggression from Russia and the permanent presence of the US Army would act as “deterrence for any potential aggressor".

The US Armed Forces and US servicemen are stationed on a rotation basis in Poland and other countries on the eastern flank of NATO - Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Poland recently began lobbying for the establishment of a permanent American base in the country and an increase in the contingent of the US troops. Poland considers the US its main having doubts that the European NATO allies will really stand up for it defense if necessary.

The parade is held as part of a national holiday dedicated to the victory of Poland over the Russian Red Army in the Battle of Warsaw of 1920.

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