Polish Foreign Minister: U.S. issues retaliation warning to Russia over potential nuclear strike on Ukraine

In an interview with The Guardian, Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski has revealed that the United States has made it clear to Russia that any use of nuclear weapons against Ukraine would result in the destruction of all Russian positions there, even if no casualties occur.

Highlighting the strategic shift required for European defence, Sikorski emphasized the need for long-term rearmament. He pointed out that Europe's past focus on high-tech platforms and expensive weaponry needs to be balanced by more numerous, albeit less technologically advanced, equipment.

Sikorski also discussed the importance of Europe mastering the game of escalation, leaving President Putin uncertain of Western intentions. He expressed support for targeting Russian military assets with Western weaponry on Russian territory, noting that the Kremlin has not constrained itself in its strikes against Ukraine, barring the use of nuclear arms. He expressed skepticism about the likelihood of Putin deploying nuclear missiles.

"The Americans have told the Russians that if you detonate a nuclear bomb, even if it doesn't kill anyone, we will strike all your positions in Ukraine with conventional weapons; we will destroy them all," Sikorski stated.

He further noted that India and China have also opposed the use of nuclear weapons, warning that if this taboo is broken, Japan and Korea might also seek nuclear armament, which is not in Beijing's interest.

On May 24th, Putin and Lukashenko announced the formation of a unified defence space.

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