Poland rejects European Commission demands to revise judicial reform

Polish authorities do not intend to comply with the demands of the European Commission to revise judicial reform, reported the press service of the Polish Foreign Ministry.

The Ministry noted that "in accordance with the EU agreements, justice is within the jurisdiction of the EU member countries themselves." At the same time, the ministry stressed that the law on the Supreme Court is aimed at combating corruption. "If the European Commission still has some doubts, it can file a complaint to the EU Court that will make a final decision on this issue,” the statement reads.

On August 14, the European Commission gave Poland a month to correct revise its reform in accordance with EU requirements. In December 2017, the European Commission launched the procedure that can deprive Poland of voting rights in the European council.

In July, the Polish law introducing early retirement for judges came into force. This could lead to the dismissal of about 40% of the acting judges of the Supreme Court. Only those who provided medical documents and received an approval of the Head of State would be able to retain their positions.

The law also allows the Minister of Justice of Poland to initiate the removal and appointment of Supreme Court judges. The European Union believes that such a law "undermines the principles of independence of judicial bodies, including irremovability of judges".

  Poland, European Commission