Poland plans to abandon post-Soviet military aircraft

President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, stated that Poland wants to abandon the post-Soviet era military aircraft and buy the latest, fifth-generation military equipment, in particular, American F-35 aircraft, reports Ukrinform.

“We would like Polish aviation to completely abandon the post-Soviet aircraft, and to be able to fly the best aircraft in the world,” said Duda. He expressed hope that Poland would be able to buy American F-35 aircraft.

“This is a very ambitious and expensive program. We will try to negotiate the best possible conditions,” stressed the Polish President.

Duda reminded that even now, the costs for Poland’s army amount to 2% of the GDP level and in 2030 they should increase to 2.5%. At the same time, he expressed hope that in case of normal economic development, this level could be reached as early as 2024.

During last year, there were several MiG-29 type aircraft accidents.

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