Poland hikes tariff on Russian gas transit for 2021

The Energy Regulatory Office of Poland has approved a tariff for gas transit through the Polish section of the Yamal-Europe pipeline.

"The new tariff for 2021 assumes an increase in average payments for gas transportation services by 16.5% in relation to the current tariff," the statement reads.

The owner of the Polish section of Yamal-Europe pipeline, EuRoPol Gaz,which is a joint venture between Gazprom and the Polish concern PGNiG, will be affected by the increase in the price of the gas transit.

For the operator of the Polish gas pipeline system Gaz-System, the entry tariff will increase by 10-13% compared to the rates in 2020. Exit Rates rate will increase by 0.1%.

At the same time, the new tariffs provide for an increase in the average payments for gas transit services with a high methane content by 16.5% in relation to the current tariff.

Both tariffs were approved for the period from January 1 to December 31, 2021.

The report states that the increase in tariffs is the result of significant strategic investments made by Gaz-System, which have a direct impact on Poland's energy security.

The long-term Russian-Polish agreement on gas transit from Russia to Europe on the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline section expired on May 17. Starting from that day, Russian gas supplies through the pipeline are based on auctions conducted by Gaz-System. At the same time, Gazprom drastically reduced the transit of the gas through the pipeline to the point that on some days there was no gas flow at all.

In May, Gaz-System received all permits for the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline from Norway to Poland. Warsaw hopes that the pipeline will reduce its dependence on Russian gas supplies.

It is planned that, starting from 2022, the Baltic Pipe will allow to supply gas from the North Sea to Poland and subsequently to the Baltic countries. In addition, the pipeline will be able to transport gas from Poland to Denmark and Sweden.

  Poland, PGNiG, Gazprom