Over 40 Russian soldiers held and tortured for rebelling against suicidal offensive on Kupyansk

At least 42 Russian military personnel, mobilized in Moscow and the Moscow region, are being held "in the dungeon" in the occupied town of Zaitseve. This is their punishment for refusing to participate in a suicidal offensive on Kupyansk, reports the Russian news outlet ASTRA, which has been contacted by the families of the deserters.

The soldiers belong to the 12th Tank Regiment of the Russian Armed Forces. On October 7, this unit came under heavy artillery shelling near Kupyansk, losing around 300 personnel. Following this incident, the Russian soldier lost their desire to fight and staged a rebellion.

"For refusing to continue the offensive without sufficient weapons and ammunition, the survivors were taken to Zaitseve the next day. They are being held, tortured, and beaten. Their phones have been confiscated," the relatives said.

According to their information, 42 dissenting soldiers from this regiment were placed "in the basement" in the occupied town of Zaitseve. There, they face torture and are demanded to return to the battlefield. They are threatened to be sent to certain death without any weapons or equipment.

According to the media reports, since the start of the full-scale invasion, Russia has established at least 15 such dungeons in the occupied territories of Ukraine, where Russian dissenting soldiers are being held. They are subjected to extrajudicial executions and torture. Many Russian soldiers disappear without a trace after being taken there.

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