Nord Stream 2 shareholders have invested about $3 billion in the project

Paul Corcoran, CFO of the project company Nord Stream 2 AG, has stated that as of the end of 2017, shareholders in Nord Stream 2, including the Russian company Gazprom, have provided approximately $3 billion toward construction of the gas pipeline project along the bottom of the Baltic Sea. This was reported by Interfax.

Gazprom's partner companies in the construction of Nord Stream 2 include Royal Dutch Shell, Engie, OMV, Uniper and Wintershall. They are committed to financing 50% of the total cost of the project. As of the end of December 2017, Gazprom Chairman Alexey Miller said that all partners had fulfilled their financing obligations toward Nord Stream 2.

The cost of building the gas pipeline is €9.5 billion. With its help, Russia plans to supply 55 billion cubic meters of gas to Europe annually. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on January 27 that construction of Nord Stream 2 "undermines the security and stability of Europe." Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki also criticized the construction of the gas pipeline, calling it an “instrument of political pressure."

Two days later, the Polish prime minister in an interview with Gazeta Prawna said that he had asked Tillerson to impose sanctions against Nord Stream 2. "Because of [the pipeline], Ukrainians will be cut off from gas supplies, and I can imagine the political scenario that would be the consequence of this," Morawiecki said. According to him, the US Secretary of State acknowledged that diversification of gas supplies should become a common priority for European countries.

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