Winners of Naftogaz Gas Supply Tenders

British and French companies won the first tenders for gas supply to Ukraine for the EBRD.

Noble Clean Fuels Ltd (United Kingdom) and ENGIE SA (France) won the first three tenders for gas supply to the joint-stock company Naftogaz of Ukraine. These were funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), according to the Naftogaz Press Service.

Naftogaz and the EBRD have successfully completed the first three tenders for gas supply to Ukraine with a mortgage loan.  The winners of the tenders, which were determined by lowest bid will supply gas to Ukraine from December to January.  Both winners are already currently supplying gas to Naftogaz.

According to the tenders` results, the average cost of gas underprices Russia's Gazprom.  The fourth tender failed as the spread on the bids was considerably higher than the weighted-average purchase by Naftogaz. 

EBRD loan funds in the amount of $300 million were secured for the purchase of about 1 billion cubic meters of gas on the Western border of Ukraine.  The budget includes the price of gas in the amount of $225.

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