US State Department: We do not want to be distracted from Russia's annexation of the Crimea and aggression in eastern Ukraine

Commenting on Russia’s accusation that Ukrainian military intelligence organized a terrorist attack in the Crimea, the US State Department said that it is currently requesting more detailed information, but it does not want to be distracted from the real problem of Russia’s annexation of the Crimea and role in the war in eastern Ukraine.

“We don’t want to be distracted from the real issue here, which is not only Russia’s occupation and attempted annexation of Crimea, but their continued aggression in eastern Ukraine,” State Department Spokesperson Elizabeth Trudeau told reporters in Washington on Wednesday.

“Our view on Crimea is well-known. Crimea is and will always be part of Ukraine,” she added.

Tensions have been exceptionally high this week between Ukraine and Russia along the administrative border of Crimea. Border crossings have been intermittently closed, and armed guards were reportedly seen at the Kerch crossing.

Similarly, Russian military activity throughout the Southern Military District has increased significantly over the last week.

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