US Special Envoy Adam Szubin to travel to EU to call for maintaing sanctions against Russia

On the 3rd of June, the United States Treasury Department reported that the U.S. will send a Special Envoy, Adam Szubin, to Paris and Berlin. Szubin will arrive in Europe on June 7th in order to convince European allies of the importance of maintaining sanctions against Russia.

The Acting Treasury Under-Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, Adam Szubin, will meet with high-level officials from economic and financial ministries and also with diplomats, and representatives of the private European banks and financial institutions.

In addition to calling on allies to support sanctions against Moscow until the provisions of the Minsk Agreements are fully implemented by Russia, Szubin will discuss the implementation of the nuclear deal with Iran and continuation of Iran’s efforts in the fight against terrorism and other activities aimed at destabilization, according to the U.S. Treasury Department.

  Russia, Economic Sanctions