US Delivers $23 Million in Communications Hardware and Medical Equipment to Ukraine

Military communications and medical equipment with total value of $23 million have been sent to Ukraine by the US, as reported by the American Embassy’s press service in Kiev. The shipment was delivered to Boryspil Airport last night.

The total package included $21 million worth of secure radio equipment to aid Ukrainian soldiers in communicating effectively to ensure their safety. It also included $2 million in medical equipment for saving lives on the battlefield, according to the official statement of the U.S. Embassy.

The equipment is intended for the use of Ukrainian army units trained by American instructors in Yavoriv and Khmelnitsky. It is expected that American trainers from the Joint Multinational Training Group will train Ukrainian soldiers to handle this equipment to use it at the front lines.

Earlier, the President of the United States signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act that will allow a significant increase in assistance to Ukraine in 2016. The total appropriation by the Department of State for assistance for Ukraine shall be not less than $658 million—$145 million above the initial request. The funds allocated to the State Department and United states department of Defense can be used for military aid programs and Ukraine’s security.

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