US Commandos Help Train Ukrainian Special Forces

The U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt and the Commander of the U.S. Special Forces in Europe, Gregory Lengyel, attended training in Khmelnytsky, where US Special Forces instructors are working with the Special Forces of Ukraine as part of the "Joint Multinational Training Group – Ukraine," the US Embassy in Kiev said.

The Embassy reiterated that the training is being held at the invitation of the Ukrainian government. At the same time, since 2014 the U.S. has provided Ukraine with $266 million in military equipment and army training.

Accompanied by representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Special Forces Command, the American representatives had an opportunity to observe the training process of the Ukrainian military personnel with the purpose of "strengthening the defense potential of Ukraine against Russian aggression."

"I'm extremely impressed by the things that the American Special Forces do with some of our NATO allies to support the creation of new units of Special Forces in Ukraine. It was great to see the training of various military specialties; medical, snipers, engineers and sappers, communication specialists. What I saw today strengthened my confidence that Ukrainian military are committed to reform," Pyatt said.

"This country has gone through an incredibly difficult two years, holding off a campaign of aggression which it did not start. Ukraine gave a very clear message that it wants to move in the direction of reform; towards the European institutions and armed forces in accordance with NATO standards, and the Special Forces that comply with NATO requirements. We are proud that the United States is part of this project," the U.S. Ambassador said.



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