US Army in Europe Commander: Russia wants to destroy the unity of NATO and the EU

Russia is trying to destroy the unity of the European Union (EU) and NATO. This was said by the Commander of the US Army Europe, Ben Hodges.

“Russia wants to destroy the unity of the EU, to destroy NATO’s unity and to create weakness and division. I think they will continue to do so,” Hodges said. Georgia Online reports that he also believes that Russia wants to be treated “as a superpower”.

“There are still 7,000 Russian military personnel in Georgia without any legal justification. Russia still has soldiers in Transnistria. They still occupy Crimea and fight in the Donbas region. There is so much that Russia can do to reduce the anxiety of these countries if they were more transparent. They want to be treated as a superpower then they must act as a superpower. They need to be responsible and find a way to reduce this anxiety,” Hodges concluded.

  NATO, Russia