Ukrainian Businessman Sues Russia over Crimean Airport

Ukrainian businessman Igor Kolomoisky is asking for Russia to be held liable for denying his right to operate a passenger terminal at the Belbek Airport in Crimea. The Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague has taken this complaint against the Russian Federation under consideration. Igor Kolomoisky is a Ukrainian businessman and the owner of the Belbek Airport Company. The initiation of this case was reported on the Facebook page of the Court.

He accuses the Russian Federation of violating the investment contract granting Kolomoisky’s company the right to manage the passenger terminals in the Belbek Airport in Crimea until 2020. The complainant alleges that Russia breached the bilateral treaty with Ukraine on the protection of investments enacted in 1998.

The inability to manage commercial flights, according to the claim, was due to the actions taken by Russia in Crimea, "starting in February 2014."Arbitrators in this case were appointed in April 2015, when the claim was first filed.

"Although the Russian Federation expressed disagreement and did not enter a response in their defense, arbitrators have decided to continue proceedings," as reported by the Court.

  Igor Kolomoisky, Belbek Airport, Crimea