Der Spiegel: At least two Russian officers killed in Syria

At least two Russian army officers were killed during military actions in Syria, reported Der Spiegel. According to the edition, on November 12th, two servicemen of the 22nd Special Forces Brigade of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Russia were buried in Rostov-on-Don. Russian media has not mentioned these events.

Der Spiegel reported that the Russian Army, in addition to the airstrikes, is also involved in the transportation of Syrian army personnel using IL freighter planes and MI-24 helicopters. The Russian side also provided Syria with 152-mm, “Msta-B” howitzers, which are in service with the 120 Siberian Artillery Brigade.

Previously, the Deputy Commander of the Turkmen Brigade in Syria demonstrated the parts of the pilots’ parachute from the Russian SU-24 plane, which was shot down on November 24.
Pilots had time to eject themselves from the plane. One of them was killed. The other pilot was evacuated by the Syrian army and is now in a safe location.
The plane was shot down by Turkish aviation after ignoring the warnings about violating the Turkish airspace.
The civil war in Syria started in spring 2011. Since then, the death toll has topped 230 thousand people. There are nearly 4 million of refugees.

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