Two Russian bombers approach Dutch frigate at a close distance

Two Russian Su-24 bombers flew over the Dutch frigate Evertsen 3 times, as stated by the Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands.

It is noted that the incident did not constitute a threat to the air safety and the frigate itself, but the maneuvers of the Russian aircraft were closely monitored. The surveillance was carried out both from the frigate itself and by 2 Swedish fighter aircraft who responded to the approach of the Russian jets and escorted the aircraft.

The frigate Evertsen is currently part of the first permanent NATO naval group. The objective of this NATO mission is to have a presence in the Baltic Sea to reassure the security of the NATO allies on the eastern flank.

It was previously reported that a Russian fighter jet had approached an American reconnaissance aircraft at a distance of approximately six meters. The incident occurred while the American reconnaissance plane was carrying out routine tasks in international airspace over the Black Sea.

On February 10th, a Russian military aircraft carried out several unsafe flights near the American destroyer Porter in the Black Sea.

  Russian aircraft, Dutch frigate