Turkish PM: Russia Continues to make Mistakes in Syria

The Turkish Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, said “In Syria the regime that allowed their people to be victims of genocide are just as responsible as terrorist organizations like Daesh. Turkey and Saudi Arabia are going to continue to support Syria’s moderate opposition. At the same time we will pursue our efforts to restore stability in Yemen, Lebanon and Libya.”

The Prime Minister, who was in Saudi Arabia on a visit, held a press conference at the Royal Palace. Ahmet Davutohlu discussed his visits to the Islamic religious sites in Mecca and Medina as well as the negotiations in Riyadh. He noted that a new page has been written on the relations between Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The parties now focus on raising the level of cooperation up to the level of a strategic partnership.

Turkey’s Prime Minister emphasized the historical character of relations between the countries and highlighted the visit of Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to Saudi Arabia, adding that this visit was the impetus to the further development of better relations between the two countries. The Prime Minister spoke favorably about the results of a meeting with a group of Saudi investors, consisting of 30 of the strongest companies in the country.

“We plan to build 2 million flats in Saudi Arabia. Saudi investors are investing in different economic sectors in Turkey including health, tourism, agriculture, and infrastructure. This sum is 2 billion dollars. It is quite a small sum in our relationship. We plan to lift it up to 20 billion.”

Davutoglu emphasized the common position of Turkey and Saudi Arabia in dealing with the Syrian crisis.

“Recently I met with the head of the Supreme Negotiations Committee for the Syrian opposition, Riyad Hijab, who spoke on behalf of the organization, and conveyed that they have the support of Turkey. Turkey and Saudi Arabia will continue to support Syria’s moderate opposition. In Syria, the regime that led to the genocide of its people bears equal responsibility along with the terrorist organization Daesh. Turkey and Saudi Arabia will make all efforts to restore stability, not only in Syria, but in Yemen, Lebanon, and Libya as well.”

At the same time, Turkey’s Prime Minister addressed the Russian leadership. “I would like to warn Russia once more. Russia’s position on Syria’s moderate opposition is erroneous. Russia is continuing to violate our airspace and carry out bombardments of civilians. Such actions will not be beneficial to Russia.”

“Nothing can be hidden in the world today. If there is a violation of the border, it will be noticed by many parties. If there is not, it cannot be falsified. Such a violation indeed took place. Russia will not be able to deny this fact. Yesterday, a violation of our border was recorded. It was a short and quick violation but we and NATO radars recorded it. We are not trying to create tension, and we call on Russia to adhere to international obligations," said the Prime Minister.

“I would like to draw your attention to the facts as to where the Russian Air Force is carrying out its operations. Almost all of its activity is in Türkmen Dağı. It proves that Russia has the wrong intentions. We would like to say again: Turkey will always remain on the side of Syrian people and Syria’s moderate opposition. The criminal Syrian regime and those supporting it, including external forces and Daesh should bear in mind that Turkey will not leave the Syrian people alone,” he added.

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