Thousands protested in Tbilisi against negotiations between Georgia and Gazprom

On Sunday, thousands of demonstrators formed a human chain six kilometers long from the Russian Embassy to the square in front of the government administration building in Tbilisi in order to protest negotiations between Georgia and Gazprom.

The action was organized by the United National Movement opposition party of the ex-President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili, and its supporters. "The Georgian people will not allow the government to undermine the country's energy security," said one of the leaders of UNM, Davit Bakradze, to reporters. Many protesters were holding Ukrainian flags and portraits of Nadiya Savchenko.

The day before, the Georgian Energy Minister, Kakha Kaladze, said that Tbilisi and Gazprom had agreed on the terms of transporting gas from Russia to Armenia.

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