The White House blamed Assad and Russia for atrocities in Aleppo

The US administration called the aggravation of the situation in Aleppo an atrocity, blaming President Bashar al-Assad and the countries supporting him. The White House demanded an immediate ceasefire to allow civilians to get access to humanitarian help.

As Urkinform reported, the White House Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, said at a press conference on Wednesday that, "I think Assad's regime has demonstrated that they have crossed all lines to achieve their goals. And this obviously involves vicious tactics such as creating artificial hunger for innocent civilians, bombing hospitals and playgrounds."

He stressed that these atrocities must cease, directing his appeal also to those countries that support the Assad regime.

According to him, official Washington is "deeply concerned" with the continuing chaos in Aleppo, where the civilian population is being exterminated by government forces of the Syrian regime "aided and abetted by the Russian and Iranian sides."

"The idea that you could strike at the playgrounds, at the hope that you will convince people to give up because you have killed their children ... What sick mind comes up with such a strategy? And what civilized to support this tactic? But that’s what makes Russia," Earnest said.

He stressed that the US side is "working hard through various diplomatic channels" to seek a peaceful solution to the situation.

Earlier, on December 14th, US Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, at a meeting of the UN Security Council, accused Damascus and Moscow of committing humanitarian crimes in Aleppo.

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