US Congress is preparing tougher sanctions against Russia

A Member of the House of Representatives of the US Democratic Party Congressman, Adam Schiff, said that Donald Trump will receive a resolute answer from the Congress if he decides to ease the sanctions against Russia.

The American politician said this in an interview with ABC.

Schiff believes that the recently imposed sanctions against Russia do not go far enough. He believes that Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham will present even tougher sanctions against Russia.

"We believe that more must be done. We do not think that, frankly, sufficient steps for deterrence were taken. You'll see support for tougher sanctions on the part of both parties in Congress." Schiff said.

Also, the Democrat expressed his disapproval of the President-elect Donald Trump’s criticism directed against the US intelligence agencies. According to Schiff, the new head of the United States, instead of condemning, should begin to trust the intelligence agencies.

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