Kremlin promised to take measures in response to European Parliament resolution to counter Russian media

The Press Secretary for Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, stated that the Kremlin is concerned about the trend towards restricted freedom of expression due to the adoption of the resolution regarding certain Russian media outlets and intends to take measures in response.

“Of course, the trend towards attacks against the media, which are in fact, restrictions of press freedom, and freedom of expression, is a cause for deep concern. It contradicts the common understanding of Democracy and the right to information,” Peskov said when commenting on the issue at the Russian Security Council in the presence of the Russian media abroad, Interfax reported.

The representative of the Kremlin also added that “attempts to restrict the audience’s right to alternative information to what they already receive as the only source of truth in certain Western countries,” is also a cause for deep concern. “All of this is the subject of serious discussions,” he stressed.

Replying to a question whether some measures are planned, Peskov said: “Certainly.”

On 23 November, members of the European Parliament voted for the adoption of a resolution to counter Russian media, stating that Sputnik and Russia Today pose the biggest threat. The adopted document is recommendatory in nature and non-binding for EU member countries. Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the activities of the Russian media abroad with permanent members of the Security Council of Russia. “A thorough exchange of views on a number of issues regarding the informational presence of Russian media abroad took place,” Peskov said.

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