The head of the CIA warned Trump to be careful with Russia

The CIA Director, John Brennan, advised the President-elect, Donald Trump, to fully realize the danger that Russia poses for Washington as soon as possible.

"Spontaneity is not something that protects national security interests, therefore when he [Trump] speaks or reacts, just make sure he understands that the implications and the impact on the United States could be profound," Brennan said during an interview with Fox News.

The CIA chief warned that ill-conceived "conversations and tweets" of the billionaire do not contribute to strengthening the position of the United States. "It's more than just about Mister Trump, and it's about the United States of America," he said.

Moreover, the head of the CIA said that when aiming for better relations with Moscow, the president-elect must be “very careful,” because he “does not understand Russia.” In addition, Brennan also harshly criticized the billionaire’s comparisons, who, after the publication by the American media of a report on the possibility for Russia to have compromising information on Trump, drew parallels between the work of US Intelligence and the manipulations of Nazi Germany. This attitude of using such epithets is “outrageous,” Brennan stressed.

Brennan could be replaced by a member of US House of Representatives from the state of Kansas, Michael Pompeo, who Trump has put forward for the post of the CIA director.

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