The Czech Republic created a center to fight Russian propaganda

The Center for combatting terrorism and hybrid threats will start operating in the Czech Republic on January 1st, 2017. This was reported by Ukrinform with reference to the country’s Ministry of Internal Affairs.

"According to the preliminary recommendations from the analysis of national security hybrid threats, including terrorism, radicalization and foreign misinformation campaigns, that pose a serious danger to internal security, it was decided to establish an appropriate government body," the statement of the Czech Ministry of Interior reads.

The Center will have analytical, but not operational functions and it will identify and analyze threats to the internal security of the Czech Republic.

According to experts, the Center will be created with the goal, among others, to counter Russian propaganda and misinformation, which are both intensifying on the eve of elections in the country in October 2017.

In October, the Czech Senate adopted a resolution on the situation in Ukraine, in which it emphasized the need to end Russian support for separatists.

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