UK Officials: Russian military forces are still in Ukraine while Moscow is able to end the conflict

The UK Minister for Europe, David Lidington, stated in his speech at the OSCE meeting that Russia has maintained military presence in the territories of Donbas, which are out of Ukraine’s government control. Lidington reminded those in attendance that a year ago, Ukraine was the key issue at the ministerial meeting. “Already 20 months have passed, but Crimea is still under annexation. According to the OSCE reports, we have serious grounds for concern, regarding the observance of human rights. The situation is deteriorating day by day,” he added.

The British Minister emphasized the situation in eastern Ukraine, which remains vulnerable. “I call on the Russian side to demonstrate its political will and withdraw militants and weaponry. It’s the only way to bring an end to the crisis, the price of which is too high both for Ukraine and Russia,” Lidington stated. He reminded the audience that international organizations presented specific demands to the Russian Federation but it hasn’t yet been implemented.

Lidington stated that the restoration of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, withdrawal of foreign forces, and regaining of control over the border. Unfortunately, all of these issues remained unsolved.

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