The bill on anti-Russian sanctions was transferred from the Senate to the US House of Representatives

Representatives of the upper house of the US Congress resolved technical issues in the bill on expanding sanctions against Russia. Those issues prevented the document from being deliberated in the House of Representatives, Reuters reported.

On June 20, Republicans in the lower house stalled the document, transferring it for consideration to the Foreign Affairs Committee. According to them, the draft law in its present form violates the constitutional order concerning the issues of government revenues.

Senator Ben Cardin said on Thursday that this issue was resolved without significant amendments to the draft law. Formally, the provisions on anti-Russian sanctions are a part of a broader bill that provides for a toughening of the sanctions regime against Iran.

On June 14, 98 out of 100 senators voted to expand sanctions against Russia. If approved, US corporations and individuals will be prohibited from lending to Russian banks for longer than 14 days. Another proposal limits the time frame for financing Russian oil and gas companies. The law also limits the right of the US president to lift sanctions.

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