Tactical helicopter and aircraft exercises are taking place in Russia's Kaliningrad exclave

Flight-tactical exercises are currently taking place in Kaliningrad. These exercises are being completed by a mixed helicopter squadron of the naval aviation section of the Baltic Fleet. This was reported to Rosbalt by the press service of the Baltic Fleet.

These scheduled exercises include over 10 crews of the Mi-24 and Mi-8 offensive and military transport helicopters, as well as Ka-27 anti-submarine and search-and-rescue helicopters.

Pilots will have to make more than 20 scheduled flights, fire dozens of torpedoes and unguided rockets and also fire more than 500 shots from aircraft artillery during the exercises. Pilots will also train in simple and complex elements of piloting in aerial combat as part of joint units who will then maneuver and approach the target. In addition, they will provide fire support for naval strike groups and coastal troop units of the Baltic Fleet.

Ground service specialists will perform complex tasks which include: maintaining steady radio connection and radar control of the aviation troops on the specified routes, providing command posts with this radar information, preparing the runway, refueling the helicopters and implementing the camouflaging of aircraft and the ground support equipment.

This training will last for several days.

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