Syrian opposition will consider ceasefire invalid if government troops continue attacks

The moderate Syrian opposition has threatened to recognize the ceasefire agreement as invalid if the Syrian government continues to attack areas controlled by the opposition, Reuters reported.

According to representatives of the opposition, in some regions of the country, clashes and air strikes continued on Friday.

"The continuing violation [of the ceasefire] by the regime [Bashar al-Assad], bombings and attempts to attack areas controlled by the revolutionary factions will make the agreement invalid," the opposition announced in a statement.

Earlier, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported clashes between government forces and the opposition in the provinces of Hama and Idlib. However,  according to Damascus, government forces attacked Islamic extremists who are not covered by the ceasefire agreement.  

The opposition is calling on the government to cease operations in areas controlled by moderate rebels, even if extremist groups are present in the area.

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