Syrian opposition explains why Clinton is a better choice for Syria than Trump

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is better versed in the Syrian conflict than her rival from the Republican Party, Donald Trump, as stated by representatives of the Syrian political opposition, members of the delegation at the negotiations under the auspices of the United Nations, Khaled Khoja and Hind Kabawat, Voice of America reports.

Clinton’s advantage is that she is aware of the differences between the groups fighting against Assad, opposition activists say. In their opinion, Clinton, who previously served as Secretary of State, will solve the main problem that the opposition seeks to solve—to protect the civilian population. Trump, who never held public office and has no experience in the field of foreign policy, considers the so-called Islamic State to be the only alternative to Assad in Syria.

"[Clinton] knows that it's wrong. She knows that there is a moderate opposition that believes in democracy and freedom. This is what we strive for: a U.S. President who has substantial experience and is aware of the differences between the various factions of the opposition," the members of the delegation said.

They recalled that Clinton earlier called for the creation of a no-fly zone and "safe zones" in Syria to protect civilians. In turn, Trump said that it could "lead to a third world war" because of a possible conflict with Russia, which provides military support to the Syrian president. According to Trump, the victory over the so-called Islamic State should have a higher priority than the desire to make Assad leave. This position means giving up the goal, which has already been pursued by the United States for a long time, the opposition summarized.

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