Swiss Federal Court dismisses Russia’s appeal to lift Paralympic ban

The Swiss Federal Court dismissed the appeal of the Russian Paralympic Committee (PKR) regarding the admission of Russian athletes to the Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro. As a result of the court’s decision, the Russian Paralympic Committee remains excluded from the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). Thus, the PKR is unable to fulfil its obligations, in particular, in applying for Russian athletes’ participation in the Paralympics.

In early August, the International Paralympic Committee disqualified the Russian Paralympic Committee and suspended Russian athletes from participation in the 2016 Olympic Games following the results of WADA’s Independent Commission report. The Independent Commission of the World Anti-Doping Agency was led by Richard McLaren.

“The corruption of the anti-doping system in Russia is contrary to the rules and strikes at the very heart of Paralympic sports. It is a blatant neglect of the health and well-being of athletes. We have no place for this in Paralympic sports,” the President of the International Paralympic Committee, Philip Craven stated.

On the 23rd of August, the Court of Arbitration for Sports in Lausanne dismissed the appeal regarding the suspension of Russian athletes. This week, it became known that the decision of the International Paralympic Committee on the non-admission of Russian athletes does not apply to the 2018 Paralympics in South Korea.

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