Serbian Foreign Minister says Kosovo's aspiration to join the UN is Belgrade’s challenge of the year

The desire of the Republic of Kosovo to become a member of the United Nations, with the support of the West and several Islamic countries, will become one of the biggest challenges in the foreign policy of Belgrade in 2017. This was said on January 1 in by Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić during an interview with Beta news agency.

"It is expected that Kosovo will submit its application for joining again. We will once again be engaged in a struggle at a disadvantage, while they will advance, taking serious advantage of logical support and all kinds of other support from some Western and Islamic countries,” said Dačić , stressing that its capital city Pristina is "in constant state of attack."

The only allies that protect Serbian interests in the UN Security Council on the issue of non-recognition of Kosovo's independence are Russia and China, therefore any change in Belgrade’s attitude to Moscow and Beijing "is self-destructive."

"Serbia is destined to be in the EU, but Russia has used the right of veto on the resolution on Srebrenica; [Russia and China] will use the veto right if someone offers Kosovo’s membership in the UN. Is it normal for us to vote "for" someone’s condemnation of China or Russia?" the Foreign Minister stated.

"The ambassador of Iran was here yesterday; we are now asking Iran not to recognize Kosovo, but we had regularly voted against Iran. Now we no longer vote against it, and this is a change in our policy,” Dačić stated.

The Foreign Minister also mentioned the need "to restore relations with the United States" among the foreign policy priorities. Though, Dačić refused to admit that Serbia was striking a balance between the East and the West. "This is not a policy of balancing at all, this is just our way: we are the West for the East and the East for the West. It is our geo-strategic position. We are moving to the EU but at the same time we want to ensure our national and state interests and it is entirely legitimate,” Dačić said.

Dačić said that sweeping changes are now happening on the international stage, alluding to Brexit and Donald Trump’s victory in the U.S. Presidential Elections. "Serbia must conform" to the trends, he stated.

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