Peskov: The Kremlin wants to restart its dialogue with the United States during Trump’s tenure

Russian Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov stated that the Russian Federation wants to restart its relations with the United States, including dialogues on sensitive issues.

“As for Donald Trump, we hope that we will have the opportunity to hold a dialogue with him. The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin repeatedly stated that we would like to have a dialogue with the United States, restart relations with this country in different areas including sensitive issues,” Peskov stated in his interview with RT TV Channel.

According to Peskov, the current bilateral relations between Russia and the United States are in poor condition.

“Meanwhile, the United States and the Russian Federation have a special responsibility to maintain world security and cooperate in the fight against terrorism. Neither the Russian Federation nor the United States can win the war against terrorism alone. Victory can only be achieved by deep interaction and cooperation,” Peskov said.

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