Saber Knight multinational military exercises begin in Estonia near the border with Russia

In the Estonian city of Voru, near the border with Russia, the international command and staff exercises “Saber Knight” have started, as reported by the press service of the Estonian Defense Forces.

As noted, with the participation of brigade staffs from Latvia, Lithuania and Denmark, a total of about 700 soldiers and officers are involved in the exercises. Servicemen from the United States and Slovakia are also participating in the maneuvers.

According to Eero Rebo, commander of the Estonian brigade, "the goal of the exercises is the interaction of staffs for conducting joint operations." It is reported that the planning and conducting of military operations in the Baltic States to counter the attack of the fictitious state of Botnia is being worked out in the course of the exercises.

“Saber Knight” is associated with the U.S. exercise in Europe “Saber Strike”, whose goal is to work out the interaction of land and air forces of the allied countries.

The exercise will end on July 2.

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