Russians Reluctant to Sell Homes in Turkish Marmaris

Several hundred Russian property owners refused to sell their assets in the Turkish city of Marmaris. According to the Association of Realtors, foreign tourists who invested in real estate in Marmaris, refused to put their property up for sale despite the deterioration of relations between the two countries after a Russian bomber was shot down by Turkey.

"The Russian sailors bought hotels and houses for themselves and their relatives, making great investments in real estate.  Last year alone we sold to dozens of Russian families. In the city there are hundreds of houses and plots of land owned by the Russians.  None of them are now for sale. They are keeping their purchased homes.  They love Marmaris," the Association of Realtors reported.

Russia has imposed economic sanctions against Turkey after the Turkish military shot down a Russian Su-24 bomber.  They banned the import of vegetables, fruits, poultry, among other goods.  Furthermore, Turkish companies are banned from performing certain types of work and services.  There will also be restrictions upon the employment of Turkish citizens from January, 1 2016.

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