Russian Navy conducts exercises in the Mediterranean Sea

A Russian naval strike group has launched a tactical exercise in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. This was reported by the press service of the Defense Ministry.

Two small missile ships, Serpukhov and Zeleny Dol, participated in the exercise which saw them interacting with ships of the permanent task force of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea. “The exercise will test the Russian Navy’s ability to act in crisis situations of a terrorist nature,” the press service said.

The ships will also conduct artillery and rocket-fire exercises in conditions similar to those of a combat zone.

Serpukhov and Zeleny Dol belong to the Buyan-M modernized series. They are armed with the Kalibr, the latest in sea-based long-range cruise missiles. The Russian military used these weapons to strike targets of the so-called Islamic State terrorist organization during the military operation in Syria.

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