Russian mines in Ukraine

Russia puts 1990’s markings on its ammunition sent to Donbas

Ukrainian engineers demining mine fields near Mariupol came across brand new mines and shells. The ammunition had the 1990’s markings on it to hide their origin, ZIK reports Sept. 15.

Ukrainian engineers found ‘black widows’ mines banned by international conventions for being especially dangerous.

In a hidden cache of explosives near one of the highways, the engineers also came across anti-tank mines Ukraine never had.

The terrorists intended to blow a bus on the road, using thermobaric mines. If such a mine explodes near a bus, all passengers can be mutilated beyond recognition, the engineers say.

Most probably, the new mines had been delivered to Ukraine in Putin’s so-called humanitarian aid trucks.

The Russians must have marked the ammunition with 1990’s markings to make it look as if the ammunition belongs to the Ukrainian army, sector M spokesman said

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