Russian mercenaries in east Ukraine paid over 60 K roubles a month


As reported by Ukrainian intelligence, military units and weaponry prohibited by the Minsk agreements are being accumulated by pro-Russian militants in the Donbas region of Ukraine. At the same time The Russian Federal Security Service is investigating the militants shelling their own positions.  “The pro-Russian rebels are taking steps to support the Russian occupying forces with their rotation and redeployment of the front formations, ensuring their readiness to carry out missions in Donetsk, Novoaidarsk, Slavyansk, Volnovakha and Mariupol regions,” the report says. Additionally, they are secretly concentrating divisions, weapons and military equipment, currently prohibited by the Minsk agreements, in the Severodonetsk region.

Intelligence also reported that the situation is further worsened by the state of military discipline in the second Army Corps. It was mentioned in the report that there have been cases of militants using weaponry while intoxicated. This has led to incidents of 'friendly fire' on their own positions. This is currently being investigated by the Commission of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation.

Intelligence has also uncovered that differences in monetary compensation between militants and Russian military officers has caused separatists’ displeasure. Monthly cash payments to private contractors is up to 12 thousand Roubles (USD 176), while the same position within the Russian Armed Forces pays 60 thousand Roubles (USD 882). 

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