Russian Jehovah's Witnesses to appeal to European Court of Human Rights over ban on their activities in Russia

Russian Jehovah's Witnesses intend to apply to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) to appeal the dissolution of their organization in Russia,  as announced on Monday, July 17, by attorney Viktor Zhenkov, who is representing the Jehovah's Witnesses in court.

"The final point on this issue has still not been made, insofar as the Supreme Court has violated not only the norms of Russian legislation, but also international legislation; therefore, we will appeal this decision to the European Court of Human Rights," he said after the Supreme Court on Monday dismissed a complaint by the Russian Jehovah's Witnesses over a ban on their organization that had been filed by the Ministry of Justice.

"As there are no effective domestic remedies, Believers will appeal to the European Court of Human Rights and other international organizations," states the organization's official website. "The Supreme Court of Russia has missed its last chance to restore law and justice," stresses the statement posted on the website regarding the Court's decision.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel in May, at a meeting with Vladimir Putin, called on the Russian president to protect the rights of religious minorities, including Jehovah's Witnesses.

  Jehovah's Witnesses, European Court of Human Rights