Russian fighter jet intercepts American B-52 bomber over Baltic

A Su-27 fighter jet was dispatched over the Baltic Sea to intercept an American B-52, as reported by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The aircraft, which was flying over neutral waters along the Russian border, was detected at around 10:00 Moscow Time. A Su-27 fighter jet from the on duty forces of the Baltic Fleet’s anti-air defense was dispatched to intercept it.

The Russian Ministry of Defense states that after approaching the plane at a safe distance, the crew of the Su-27 identified it as a B-52 strategic bomber. The fighter accompanied the American plane until it moved away from the Russian border.

Tallinn said previously that B-1 and B-52 strategic bombers would be taking part in NATO’s Saber Strike exercises which are being held in Estonia.

On Tuesday, a plane flying with a deactivated transponder was identified over the neutral waters of the Barents Sea. It was reportedly intercepted by a Russian MiG-31.

“The Russian aircraft approached the target at a safe distance and visually identified it as a P-3C ‘Orion’ anti-submarine patrol aircraft of the Norwegian Air Force,” the Russian Ministry of Defense noted.

After the Norwegian aircraft changed its route, the Russian fighter returned to the airfield.

The last time a Russian fighter was dispatched to intercept an American plane was in May. A Su-30 intercepted a P8A ‘Poseidon” reconnaissance plane over the Black Sea, as it was flying towards the Russian border. The American aircraft subsequently changed course.

  Russian aircraft, Baltic Sea