Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the transfer of Iskander missile systems to Kaliningrad

The Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed the deployment of Iskander missile systems to Kaliningrad region. According to TASS news agency the statement was made by the official representative from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Igor Konashenkov.

Previously, this transfer was reported by Western media, including references to US intelligence.

The general said that the Defense Ministry did not make the transfer of Iskanders a secret. “Nobody made a big secret out of the transportation of the complex by the dry-cargo freighter Ambal. I will tell you more; before loading it in the Ambal freighter, one Iskander was specially put in the open under the trajectory of the American reconnaissance satellite , so that we could determine the accuracy of this spacecraft,” the general said.

“We did not have to wait long. American partners in ‘a revelatory fit’ confirmed everything for us themselves,” he added.

The official representative from the Ministry of Defense said that the Russian military had previously transferred operational-tactical Iskander missile complexes to the Kaliningrad region and will do so in the future as part of the military training.

“The operative-tactical missile complex Iskander is mobile. As part of the combat training plan, units of missile troops are conducting year-round marching training, overcoming great distances on the territory of the Russian Federation in various ways: by air, sea and on their own,” the general stated.

“The Kaliningrad region is not an exception, where these units of missile troops were transferred several times and will be transferred within the framework of combat training of the Armed Forces,” he added.

Iskander is designated for the destruction of targets such as missile complexes, multiple rocket launchers and long-range artillery, aircraft and helicopters at airfields, command posts and communications centers. The Iskander-M modification has a range of up to 500 km.


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