Russia prepares new bases in Syria

Russia prepares two new air bases in Syria

Russia increased the number of air bases in Syria: one accommodates fighters in the province of Homs, another - used for helicopter departures in Al-Tayas, reported by Reuters, referring to the statement made from the Observatory on Human Rights in Syria, based in London.

As reported, the second base is controlled by ISIL (banned in Russia) in Palmyra. The base is used for terrorist attacks in this area.

Activists also reported that Russia is increasing its military base in the province of Homs. Kuwaiti newspaper, informed Al-Rai on Dec. 1. According to the publication, the new air base Shirt will allow an increase in the number of Russian air groups in Syria, that is up to 100 aircrafts.

Now Russia officially uses Hamim air base with 50 aircrafts and helicopters: attack aircrafts su-25SM, bombers su-24M and su-34, fighter aircrafts su-27 and su-30, helicopters Mi-24 and Mi-8. It is also expected that s-400 will be deployed to this airbase soon.

Russia is conducting a military operation in Syria, which started on Sept. 30 at the request of President Bashar al-Assad. The aim of surgery is to combat the terrorist organization "Islamic state” which is banned in Russia. The media repeatedly reports that the Russian Air Force, supported by Western countries, attacked civilians and the opposition. Moscow hasn’t commented on this information.

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