Russia denies entry to Montenegrin MP citing EU sanctions

The ban on the entry of a Deputy from the ruling Montenegrin party, Miodrag Vuković, into Russia, is connected with EU sanctions, as stated by the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Maria Zakharova, the press service of the ministry reports.

"It's not a secret that Montenegro joined the anti-Russian sanctions of the EU from the very beginning, including sanctions against individuals. We have always said that we reserve the right to take measures in response, on the basis of reciprocity, as is customary in diplomatic practice. An explanation will be given to the Montenegrins," Zakharova said.

Commenting on a statement by Montenegrin Foreign Minister, Srdjan Darmanović, Zakharova said that these accusations are helping Podgorica justify joining NATO to its own citizens.

"We have repeatedly stated that Russian officials are not involved in any activities aimed at organizing unlawful actions in Montenegro. We consider the story of the "coup d'etat" broadcast by Podgorica and the alleged participation of Moscow in this affair as a vivid example of disinformation aimed at discrediting Russia, pitting Montenegrin citizens against the fraternal Russian people, and covering the anti-democratic methods of Podgorica by drawing the country into NATO and bypassing citizens' opinions,'' the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

In addition, Zakharova recommended that Russians should "think twice" before going to Montenegro.

Earlier, Montenegrin Foreign Minister, Srdjan Darmanović, accused Russia of actively interfering in its international policy, in particular, on the issue of the country's accession to NATO. "Russia openly interferes in our international policy, which, of course, we do not approve of," he said.

Darmanović noted that for two or three years Moscow has been against the expansion of NATO. "In this issue, we decide for ourselves, and we are surprised by how much Russia is interfering, and, of course, we are defending ourselves," the state television company RTCG quoted the minister as saying.

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