Russia plans to keep Tartus naval base in Syria for 49 years

Russia plans to reach an agreement with Syria on the creation of a naval base in Tartus for a term of 49 years. “We came to Syria with serious intentions and for a long time. That is why, the improvement of infrastructure at the airfield as well as in the area of its deployment is a challenge that we will have to face in the foreseeable future,” RIA Novosti quoted the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, Viktor Ozerov as saying.

Ozerov added that the base will be able to receive first class ships, including aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines. In addition, new infrastructure will be created at the airfield being used by the Russian Air Force in Hmeymin as a result of the transfer of this airfield to Russia for permanent use. According to Ozerov, a second airstrip and updated air defense systems will be created in Hmeymin.

Currently, the logistics station for the Russian Navy, which began its work in 1977, is located in Tartus. At this time, it is the only anchor point of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea.

  Russia, Syria