Wyborcza: Putin’s orders bring the world to the brink of war

At a meeting with representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense, President Vladimir Putin ordered the military to be ready as the threat of war was imminent, as reported by the Polish newspaper "Gazeta Wyborcza.” Putin has ordered the Armed Forces in Syria, "to act with the greatest severity," and will not hesitate to destroy, "all targets that pose a threat to the Air Forces of Russia or its military infrastructure throughout the globe."

In practice, this would mean if, for example, Turkish anti-aircraft missiles mistakenly identify a Russian aircraft approaching their border, it will be seen as a "threat," giving Russian defense systems no option but to destroy these missiles. These attacks can be carried out by Russian fighter jets escorting the bombers. Such strikes on Turkish missiles in Turkish airspace will be considered an attack on a NATO member country. Such an attack would obligate all NATO allied countries to act as if it were an attack on their country.

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