Putin opens first energy-bridge line in Crimea

The Russian authorities claim that by Dec. 20, the energy demand for Crimea will be covered by 80-90 percent. The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, took part in the launching ceremony of the energy-bridge`s first line in Crimea. According to Putin, some elements, in the process of launching the first line, have yet to adjust. "And we have to warn the consumers—residents of Crimea—that there are still some troubleshooting issues we need to resolve. But in general, the first line should work steadily with 200 megawatts," said Putin before starting the electricity.

He is hopeful that by Dec. 15 the second line will be started. It will not be 400 megawatts. Putin said that in May, additional capacities for electricity supply will be launched."And so we would ideally be able to completely replace the supply of electricity currently coming from Ukraine,” Putin said. Putin went on to say that in order for Crimean to generate its own electric power by 2017, this process, of course, should also be synchronized with gas industry workers and with CHP builders.

On Wednesday evening, the Russian President arrived in Crimea.In Crimea, the electricity was turned off on the night of Nov. 22, after the pylons explosion coming from Ukraine. Now Crimean energy system works in stand-alone mode, used to save fan power. The generation of the domestic electricity in Crimea only accounts for half of the needs of the-the country.

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